16 | SF. CA. USA
school started 8/18
Current time in SF

school queue is set up: 15 posts 9am to 2pm NEW NAVIGATION PAGE!
added a birthday page, friends page, and a scrapbook!
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-my husband

networks i'm in

sobbing over CoHF
mara dyer series
breaking bad S3
supernatural s5 gossip girl S5
project runway S9/S13 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
.01 Flaws
.02 Trojans
.03 Cough Syrup
.04 Dark Paradise
.05 Endlessly

im laughing cause all the radio stations in/around san francisco have decided to ban the song Royals during the world series AHAHAHAAA

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tmi appreciation week

Day 4: Favourite Quote — All The Stories Are True

The memories swirl as I try to sort out what is true and what is false. What series of events led me to be standing in the ruins of my city?


colour meme: warm colours - The Mortal Instruments

requested by claryfairchildes


only 90s kids can reblog this