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Anonymous asked:
Did you like TMI the movie? I love the books but not the movie. Btw I love your blog

i did not like the tmi movie that much… i love the books but i feel like the movie was too far away from the book. i understand when movie adaptations have to cut parts from the book but the movie just cut a lot and ADDED a lot that was never ever in any of the books. and also i feel like a lot of the sarcastic or joking lines were really forced and did not reflect the mood or tone that was in the book..

and thank you (:

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The Mortal Instruments | Sceneries black + yellow


"My family’s different. We always find each other. “

omg my friend sent me a really blurry snapchat of his tv screen that was playing tmi and i cant believe i could still recognize it??? am i into the fandom too deep???? its his first time watching it too omg im so excited for him?

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nine days of brooklyn nine-nine day 1: favorite episode: Party
"Everyone here needs some instruction on interacting with grown-ups. Here are the rules: no staring at your phones, no rolling in two hours late, no sweatpants, no jeans and no shorts. And everyone, bring a bottle of wine."