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Yo, this blog is a documentation of my life slowly spiraling into nothing so have fun, enjoy the ride, and don't forget to keep your feet inside the cart at all times.
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"i wanna change my theme?"

i like my theme right now but ive had it for soooooo long, like over a year? almost 2 years??? and ive added so many things to it and small details ive forgotten about i dont even know how i’ll be able to add in all those things later on cause im a dumbo and didnt bookmark all the pages that i got the codes from and stuff. and i dont even know where to begin looking for a theme because i feel like everyone has the same theme nowadays. i mean one of the reasons i like this theme is because ive never seen anyone else with it lol. so idk what to do… suggestions?? suggest some good themes?

i  just finished watchin divergent and now i wanna watch it again and gif everything

Tris looks hella cute in fours shirt

Some of these kids look way too old like y’all gotta do some some about your casting

Te dauntless are all just really happy people on a track team

Finally watching divergent!!

tmi/tid meme: three runes → alliance rune

Rune created by Clary Fray to turn the tide just before the Mortal War. It allows Shadowhunters and Downworlders to safely share each other’s abilities. This rune helped them considerately in the battle against Valentine Morgenstern’s demons. The rune itself is a pair of matching runes, each meant to be drawn on each other by the partners to be bound.